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PUCCII Juniors making a difference for the rescues!

We wanted to share with you a paw-some start up, run by Sydney school girls, to help raise funds and awareness for rescue dogs! We love seeing the younger generation, working towards a better future for our furry friends!

Every dog collar and lead sold by this new pet business equates to a donation to Australian rescue shelters.  Made entirely from recycled materials, PUCCII dog leads and collars are built to withstand the toughest treatment. 

The story behind PUCCII... 

Sydney schoolgirls Olivia (13) and Chloe (12) are besties with their neighbour Lauren (12). For many years they have become increasingly passionate about animals and particularly, dogs. 

This dynamic trio have happily organised and enjoyed trips to visit rescue centres over the years. Initially, they set about raising funds through various chores in an effort to save the dogs. 

They still want to adopt all of the dogs they see but until that day comes PUCCII has been formed as a way to create a steady stream of funds generated from a necessary everyday dog item. 

They now focus their energy on sales, content creation for social media and every other aspect that brings them closer to dogs. 

You can help these girls make a real difference by purchasing one of their wonderful new leads and collars delivered in an environmentally safe jute bag. Please visit their website or follow them on insta @puccii_we_care. 


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