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What Should You Do With Your Pet's Old Bedding, Toys and Furniture?

Picture it, your cat or dog has wrecked their beloved toys beyond recognition, the bedding is covered in fur or slobber or both, or there are other unmentionable horrors pressed into the fabric. The scratching post is ripped and shredded beyond belief, and it won’t be long before they turn to your furniture…

Then there can be the case where your pet never sleeps in the bed you bought them and chooses every other place in the house to rest their head. And of course, the saddest reason you may be looking for what to do with your pet’s old furniture, is because they have departed.

So, what’s the best thing to do with all of these unused or well-loved items, and what can you do to make your pet content?

Well, here's our guide for what to do with old pet bedding, toys and furniture. 

Donate the good and discard the bad

When most of us get a new pet, we buy way more than just the food, and can get carried away with items we think they’ll love, like toys and ample furniture choices. But pets really don’t need all that much, and you’ll find they tend to stick to a couple of toys and beds, and largely ignore the rest. Thus, junk removal may be a much-needed service to clear out the clutter.

By using a junk removalist to sort through your pet’s old items, you'll be able to define what is best disposed of, and which could be given off to charity or animal shelters. It will also help you to clean up, creating more room and less mess around your home.

Give to a family member or friend

If your pet’s old bed or toys are in good condition, provided they're clean, there is no reason you can't give them to a friend. This will save them money on costly items, especially if they’re a new pet owner, and you'll have done something nice and thoughtful for them. 

It will also save on landfill and you’ll feel great about repurposing your pet’s belongings. Reduce, reuse, recycle! If you don’t know anyone who needs pet furniture, take it to your local animal shelter, who will almost certainly be grateful for the donation.

Nevertheless, just remember to go over it with animal-friendly cleaning products first. You don't know what kind of germs or nasty insects may be lurking in it after years of use.

Add to the garden, but know your materials

More and more pet beds and toys are made eco-friendly with natural materials that are biodegradable and can be added to your garden compost. These days, they’re closer in price point to plastic toys, and less toxic for your precious pet.

However, always make sure this is 100% the case with your pet’s items before going about this practice, and if in doubt, there should be no reason why you can’t recycle it normally anyway.

Make new toys out of the materials

You'll often find that your pet's bedding is made out of reusable materials such as felt and feather down, which can be remade into their next few toys. Your pet won’t care if you’ve grabbed a pair of scissors and gone to town on their old bed, as long as they have something fun to play with out of it!

Rope tug toys for dogs, and wand flick toys for cats can be an easy and inexpensive way to repurpose and upcycle the bedding linings, and try your hand at DIY pet toy making.

This can save you money on buying other toys and it'll give you more space. It can also offer an easy way to entertain your pet with simple things around your house.

Upcycle for other creatures

When it comes to certain pet items, it can be a great idea to give them new life by making new things for other creatures, and yourself. If your pet has passed on and you don’t feel able to separate with their favourite items, this is a lovely way to put them to good use rather than have them all piled sadly in a corner untouched.

One of the many things you can do is make a bird feeder out of your pet’s old or spare water bowls. Alternatively, you can use them as a drink station or water bath for the birds themselves.

Alternatively, brighten up your garden by placing new plants in the bowls, as long as they have good drainage. This can help liven up your backyard and introduce all types of native creatures to your garden.

Give a sense of familiarity when you're away

Pets, particularly cats, like to have a sense of something that is normal to them when they're in a foreign environment or around strangers. 

By putting an old, familiar cat tower with a pet sitter or even at your parents’ home (or whoever pet sits), it can really help your pet to adjust to a place that is unfamiliar to them.

You can also do this with an old bed when they have to travel, as having something they know and are used to the smell of can make them feel calmer. 


As you can see, there are many ways your old or unused dog, cat and other pet items can be given new life. 

Whether it is helping another, such as giving to a friend or donating to an animal shelter, or even making new from old, there is always a new purpose for your pet’s prior pad and playthings.


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