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Fur-Mum Gift Idea - The Happy Jack Co

We love sharing our favourite pet products with you, especially ones that we know the dogs will adore... and with Fur-Mum Day just around the corner, we couldn't pick a more paw-fect time! Introducing, The Happy Jack Co. This paw-some brand creates a home spa experience for your pup, with a range of deodorising spritzer colognes, aromatherapy massage oils, nourishing paw and nose balms and gentle shampoo bars. All made with natural and organic ingredients. 📸 @fionalove888

Wait till you see some of the incredible results it achieves!

Tips & Toes 2-in-1 paws & nose balm - this stuff is incredible! It provides an easy and convenient way to soften, moisturise and nourish your dogs dry cracked and itchy paws. ⁠


It's full of ultra-nourishing hemp seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, natural Vit E and essential oils, ingredients that work as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and break down old skin and promote new growth

For those who love Aromatherapy Oils, you'll be blown away by the health benefits for our pooches too! They can help relieve anxiety, assist with sleepy time and much more. Check out the graph below for some easy instructions on how to apply.

When using the roller, apply the oil to your palms and gently massage into your dog’s fur as indicated in the picture above. You can also apply to your dog’s collars, bandanas and bedding.

Their aromatherapy oils are pre-diluted and specifically blended for dogs of all sizes; big dog apply more, little dog apply less, but don’t stress they are totally safe however much you use. With Fur-Momma Day just around the corner, we highly recommend checking out this paw-some pet brand as a gift idea!

Head to their website to view their full range available online - we know you'll love it! Click here.


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