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Cat Enrichment: What to Do if Your Cat Is Bored

Whenever you start analyzing our pets and how these furry friends co-exist. Mostly you will find dogs being over excited jumpers, making them equivalent to a child. The proud dog moms would agree. But cats always have this ever-observant presence, slightly senile and sometimes sociopathic.

However, that doesn’t mean these feline beings do not feel boredom like us. Obviously, you wouldn't be putting them on a leash and taking them on a walk. There are very few chances that they would comply with that.

So, before you think about such methods which are actually torturous for your cat, you should try other cat enrichment tricks, which could get them out of boredom. Plus, find out things you should, and shouldn’t try out with your pets before trying anything new.

Signs Your Cat Is Bored

Before you look into the solution, let us first understand whether boredom is the cause. If your cat is lying around too, ideally without making much noise, you should first check with the vet before automatically thinking that your cat is simply bored.

Here are some of the other signs that your cat is bored.

They are grooming themselves at an excessive rate. So if you find them licking themselves or nipping their skin, they are going through boredom.

Picking up very violent fights with other animals in the house or even with you. Their boredom has turned into frustration, and that is what makes them violent.

They are having litter box issues and making a mess around. When you condition your cat to get their excretory business done inside the litter box, they might do this just to get your attention.

Cat Enrichment Methods For A Bored Cat

These are some enrichment habits that can quickly get your cat out of boredom.

1. A Little Time In Nature

Maybe they are feeling bored inside the house. Then, you will have to let them spend some time in nature. However, this could be a difficult idea if you do not have a cottage and a yard in the countryside.

If you live around the city, then outdoor time can be dangerous. Even if you have a personal balcony and let your cat soak in the sun, it could be dangerous as well. They could be attacked by a bike or get a little frisky and try to jump off the edge.

If it is outside, an excited cat and city traffic is a bad combination. But, you do not have to take away from your cat’s nature as you can make your surroundings safe. Install the KittySafe, which will ensure their safety and enough space to run and jump around nature.

2. Teach Them Tricks

Teach them new tricks, and help them get into a fun routine. Yes, for this, you will need to spend considerable time with your furry friend. Some of the DIY toys with which you could try new tricks are-

- A Laser point light.

- Some yarn.

- A rubber ball.

Plus, you can teach them fancy tricks like sitting and jumping on command with the help of treats. So not only will they get out of their boredom, but they will also be on their way to becoming a super cat impressing all your visitors.

3. Some Light Exercises

Boredom can lead to lethargy, excessive sleeping, and lying around. This can lead to your cat gaining weight. Some light exercises can help them lose extra weight and also get rid of their boredom.

Light exercise doesn't require you to go outside for a run with your cat, but you can always incorporate some toys. Or, get them excited and moving with a wand, yoyo, fishing poles, and fake rats.

They will have the time of their life with increased heartbeat and movement. Plus, your pets would love for you to spend some time with them.

4. Build Them A Cat Castle

A cat castle is an interesting object that will give your cat something to play with and be curious about. You can either build one for them or get the most extravagant one with enough compartments.

Each time boredom creeps in; they can move and jump around the castle. You can even put treats all around the castle, and this can even condition them to go to the castle every time lethargy creeps in.

6. A Window Patch

Cats love to see other people; anything moving makes them curious, especially if it is outside. You can get your cat a window patch that overlooks a busy street in the city, and you will never find them bored.

This is the easiest way to get them out of their boredom. They will simply jump to the window patch cradle and watch everyone for hours. They won’t disturb you during your work meetings.

So, it is a win-win situation!

7. More Interaction Time With Cat

Your cat is probably bored because you don't spend enough time with them. It could be your busy schedule which is making them bored. They are tired of playing all by themselves, and they need your company.

This could even lead to very aggressive behavior towards you and other animals. Sometimes you do not have to do much. Simply lay beside them and pat their belly, or watch a movie with them; even reading aloud to your cat can get them excited.

Take Some Time For Your Feline As Well!

Take at least an hour out for your feline pal, and make them feel needed. This is one of the reasons why most cats can even fall into depression, not having enough time with their owners.

If you cannot find time, get another pet pal for them. You could adopt a rescue animal, but first, take them to the vet and understand their pattern of behavior and whether they are ready for a companion. Then take them to a social setting with more cats, maybe a cat cafe or a friend’s cat.

If you find them acting positively, you can get a cat.


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