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Everyday in Australia roughly 23 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens are put to sleep every hour. That is 552 a day, 3864 a week. These animals aren't sick or old, they are simply without a home. 552 die every day because we, as a society have a problem with mass breeding of pets.

Pound Paws is actively working on reducing this number, by assisting pounds & rescue centres daily, educating the Australian public, as well as hosting dog adoption events every month.

When you donate to Pound Paws, we would like to assure you that this money will be used to help the charity run its events and other operations.


Pound Paws operates with many unpaid volunteers, a non-executive board who all provide their services for free.And, legal and accounting services are provided by qualified individuals and/or organisations on a pro bono basis.


As a result, Pound Paws is able to operate with very low administrative costs - less than 5% of the charity's costs are administrative in nature.

Can you help us, speak out for those who can't?


We came across Mahogany at a NSW pound, he was suffering from a severe illness and only had a few days left before he was due
to get euthanised. He had been given up on.

Within hours, we found the perfect owner for him, however she was based in QLD. We arranged private transfer for him to QLD, as well as vet health check-ups/de-sexing before meeting his new family.
The photo on the left, was the moment he met his new fur-ever family. The photo on the right, is them living it up together! 
His life now consists of walks along the beach and lots of bed time cuddles! 


National Dog Day Events

Pound Paws hosts various Dog Day events (& several other quirky style ones!) around Australia with an aim to encourage pet adoption, assist rescue groups and educate the public about the importance of choosing to adopt instead of shop.

Online Support

We are incredibly passionate about helping you find your dream pet (this is how we began!). If you can’t seem to find a pet on our website, feel free to email us directly and we can a personalised pet search for you! 

Media/PR Opportunities

We excel in PR & Marketing and provide this service to the rescue groups complimentary. We have previously linked them up with leading campaigns like; Airbnb Impact Experiences, National Television Appearances and much more! 

Online Directory

We list pets available for adoption from rescue centres and council pounds from all over Australia on our website, listing their contact details & address. 

National Foster Care Network

We have built a nation-wide foster care program which allows us to rescue pets from death row in pounds & temporarily look after them in homes, until they find a forever home.

National Volunteers

National Volunteers
We have an amazing group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping rescue groups + animals on death row. They specialise in such skills like; photography, videography and much more! 

Pet Search Engine

We help fast-track adoptions online, by allowing users to search by; age, breed, size and lifestyle match in pounds and rescue centres all over Australia.

Rescue Group Packages

Every rescue group/pound that is listed on Pound Paws Rescue directory, we offer a complimentary photo + video package. Other perks range from; PR/Media Opportunities, Free involvement in Dog Day events, social media promotion & much more.

Free Interstate flights

To further increase the chance
Of pet adoption, Pound Paws
Is in partnership with Fly4Paws
To help with inter-state adoption transfers.


Reni's Owners
Bree + Dillion (NSW

We got Reni through Pound Paws about 4 years ago. He was on death row with only a couple of hours to live. We came across him through Pound Paws as their promotion of him went viral. He is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to us! I seriously couldn't recommend adopting enough! It has changed our life.

Soda Pop's Owner
Jodi (NSW)

Soda Pop means the world to me, I don't know what I'd do without her love and support - she's the best therapist in the world! Thank you Pound Paws for everything you do.

Buddys Owner,
Whitney (NSW)

I'm so excited to say that Pound Paws helped me find my beautiful boy kitten! This all happened after my kitten I got a year ago, passed away unexpectedly 2 days before Xmas, he was such a special cat to me, like an old soul mate. Through Pound Paws I was able to re-connect with a new kitten who reminded me of him.

Diagos Owners
Ashley (NSW)

Thanks so much for sharing Diago with us! We ended up adopting him and love him SO much already! Without you, we wouldn't have found him.

Waffles Owner
Sabrina (NSW)

We adopted Waffilina through Pound Paws a couple of months ago. She is the absolute life of our lies. I found the process of Pound Paws very easy. After we adopted, we were send a Happy Adoption Pack which was very helpful. I highly recommend adopting, I always say #AdoptDontShop and the process through Pound Paws makes it easier.

Ziggys Owner
Alicia (VIC)

Early last year I spent every afternoon trying to find my dream pet. Fast forward to now, I have found him! He has taught me so much about caring and living with him feels like a dream. Keep up the good work guys! 

Amena (Mother Boxer) was left stranded with her new-born litter of puppies. We knew we had to act quickly to share this urgent adoption case online. Within moments of sharing this family, we were able to find interested adoptees and eventually homes for the whole family! 
By sharing their story online, we also raised awareness on the importance of de-sexing pets!