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Mahogany Was Days Away From Death
Will You Help To Save A Dog Like Mahogany?

When we were first contacted about Mahogany he was just days away from being put down.

It would break your heart to see him.


He had infections in both his ears and an ulcer in his right eye. His coat was falling out and he was covered in scabs. The poor boy would cower and whimper if you tried to come near him.


Your donation this Christmas can save a dog’s life


Abandoned by his owners and deemed too hard to rehome by the rescue shelter, we had to work fast if we were going to save his life.


We knew exactly where to begin - our Rescue Directory contains a list of potential dog adopters and the type of dog they want to rehome. So, we put together a photo and video package and sent it out to potential new families as quickly as we could.


Within hours we had a response from a perfect new owner. There was just one catch – they were in Queensland and Mahogany was in NSW. But thanks to generous donors we were able to pay for Mahogany to transport to QLD and get him out of the pound. Within days he was with his new family.


This Christmas there will be even more dogs like Mahogany who find themselves on death row – with your help we can place them in a loving home instead.