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They may be tiny, but – as any owner will attest – sausage dogs have a warrior spirit that more than makes up for their comical stature

Pound Paws is hosting North Gong Dog Day at North Gong Hotel this Saturday from 12-4pm.

Sausage dogs will be put to the test this weekend with their little legs when they toddle through tunnels and eat mini hot dogs for the ultimate ninja glory.

Check out some of the sausage entrants below – for the full FB album click here.

Besides from the sausage fest, we will be hosting a variety of dog rescue groups, ranging from; RSPCA NSW, Dingo Den Rescue, Best Friends Forever Rescue Illawarra, Homeward Bound Hounds, Pug Patrol Rescue Australia & Animal Trust Society.

For more information about the event, click ATTENDING here

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