Prost Beer – Bondi Dog Day Event Sponsor

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We were delighted to have Prost Beer as a sponsor for Bondi Dog Day. The team are big fans of dogs & were very excited to support us in our first Dog Day in Bondi Beach.

Firstly, we know Prost Beer is actively involved in a lot of other festivals throughout the year, what made Prost Beer decide to donate and collaborate with Pound Paws?

Honestly, we love dogs and what a fantastic event!

Magically, dogs are able to make us smile and brighten up our day. They have a superpower that comforts us. We are so grateful to Pound Paws for giving Prost Beer the opportunity to thank them for their unconditional love.

How does Prost Beer feel to be in Australia – well, Sydney for now?

As one of Australia’s new gluten-free lager beers from Indonesia, it was and still is a challenging journey given how competitive the overall beer market is.

Nine months in, we are very grateful to have the support of Marble Bar, The Century Bar, Dynasty Karaoke, Sate Haus and Candys Apartment, to name a few.

We need to continue working hard with collaborations and taking part in festivals and events throughout the year to broaden the Prost Beer brand.

Do you have a memorable pet and beer moment you would like to share?

The director of Prost Beer would like to share one. At times she will dogsit a friends dog, Mochi (pictured). Whenever she does, Mochi will do his ‘please’ gesture whenever she has a Prost Beer.

For our readers, does Prost Beer have a special promotional deal?

Absolutely! If you follow both Pound Paws and Prost Beer on Instagram or Facebook, Prost Beer will offer you a special discount when you find us at any of the festivals we are at.

For online purchases, please visit and get $10 OFF the carton price when you check-out using the code ‘PROST!’. This offer is valid until 31 July 2019 and for every carton purchased, Prost Beer will donate $1 to the next Pound Paws event.

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