Profile Interview: @Lewis_Cavoodle

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Profile Interview: @Lewis_Cavoodle
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Can you share with us what a day in your life consists of?

The weekdays consists of daily morning walks around the inner west and fun with my courtyard furiends in the evening. I have 10 neighbour pups and we play every evening in our little park. 

The weekends are what I really look forward to! It starts with my hoomans picking out my outfit of the day – a bandanna or bowtie, a denim jacket or hoodie and some doggy sunglasses. I love going to brunch with them. Then I love to meet my insta furiends at Sydney Park or if it’s summer, at Sirius Cove beach or Rose Bay Dog Beach. Some of my besties are Chewie, Arthur, Reuben & Oscar. 

You are very well known on Instagram, how did you grow your following?

I started by becoming furiends with some local pups from inner west Sydney on Instagram and attended some insta meet ups. From there, it eventually grew and I’m so grateful for all the amazing friends we’ve met through Instagram! 

What is your favourite thing to post about on IG?

I love posting the adventures I get up to on the weekend with my bff’s… usually consisting of a new outfit! I love posting about birthday pawties too… I had an epic pawty for my 2nd bday last year and 20 pups came… what’s not to love with treats, pupcakes, gift bags and pressures involved! 

You appeared on national television, tieing the knot with Coconut (as well as promoting Pound Paws / Pet adoption) how is post wedding life?

I loved being on tv and the Valentine’s Day event was pawsome! Coconut is great and I still see her daily in the courtyard but I think I upset a few of my fans from the surprise… as my lawyer has said, nothings official unless it’s paw-signed!  

You always wear incredible outfits, how big is your wardrobe?

Why thank you! It’s huuuuuge! I love fashion so much and I think it really brings out a pup’s pawsonality! I’ve even started collaborating with brands on some designs such as my “love by Lewis” rainbow bandanna in support of Mardi Gras this year! 

You are very popular amongst the dog community, how many doggie dates do you have per week?

I have a doggie date lined up every weekend and sometimes during the weekday too… so much so that my hoomans sometimes struggle with all my social commitments! 

When it comes to looking your best, what products do you rely on?

@kokobeanandco is my go to for bandannas… you can’t go wrong with them. I love supporting local Australian businesses fronted by passionate and strong women. @uwdogs is my choice for fur-care shampoo and conditioner… it just makes you smell like a piña colada after and the hoomans just can’t resist! Lastly, @thedoggywearspawda is my absolute favourite groomer in the world. Annie makes me feel a millions dollars and I’m so lucky to have her as my pawsonal stylist. Check her out! 

Thank you for your time Lewis, can you please let your hoo-man speak now?

Woof, yes.

Being the owner of an Insta-Pooch, how has this changed your everyday life?

I love that my it has connected me with so many other doggy pawrents and a community that is so wonderful and supportive of each other. I have met so many amazing friends because of Lewis not only through social media but just getting out there locally in parks. My social calendar has definitely been taken over by Lewis’ events! 

You are constantly attending dog events & mingling with fellow dog owners, has this lifestyle change positively impacted your social life? 

Yes for sure! Though, lately we are having to be more picky with the events we attend as we can’t say yes to everything as it’s getting a bit difficult to balance mine and Lewis social events! I just want to attend them all! Ps. Doggy events trumps hooman events! 

Have you formed great connections with Lewis’s fellow dog owners?

Yes! We have regular meet up’s like dinners and sometimes go away on dog-friendly weekend trips away with other dog owners and occasionally, we even meet up without the pups!!! 

Are you a fan of Pound Paws Dog Day events?

Yessssssss!!! We’re Pound Paws number 1 fan!!! It is one of the events that I prioritise in my diary and look forward to so much! Brittany does the most wonderful job with the rescue community, bringing everyone together and we just love supporting Pound Paws in whatever way possible!

Check out video footage from the day Lewis married his rescue dog partner, Coconut on national television. This screening received so much support from the online community that it almost felt like the royal wedding!

You can view it here:

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