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Thank you Publinc

We're so incredibly grateful to be selected as a Publinc Community Charity, for the Willoughby Hotel! Thank you for helping us raise funds and awareness for pets in Australian pounds and rescue centres. Through your su-ppawt we are able to continue our mission, re-homing pets. A beautiful example of a re-home case, can be viewed below:

We assisted Clint in the process of finding his fur-ever pet. He had recently gone through a break up and found himself going down a dark road of partying and drinking. He wanted to be matched with a furry companion, who could help heal his heart and share an active lifestyle with. Through our su-ppawt, Pound Paws was able to match him to a fur-ever rescue dog - Sarge.

Now, Sarge is out of the shelter cell and is living his best life with Clint in Maroubra! If you're passionate about saving pets and also enjoy a drink at the pub, The Willoughby Hotel and Publinc provide a paw-some initiative to help fundraise for Pound Paws. Help us, help more pets like Sarge. Remember to pledge your community points to Pound Paws, which will directly support us 🥰


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