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Considering pet adoption? Read this E-Book!

In Australia, roughly 100,000 happy and healthy pets are euthanised per year. This shocking statistic is the reason why we formed our charity Pound Paws, to help educate the Australian public about the importance of pet adoption, as well as assist in the re-homing of pets in pounds.

The decision to introduce a pet into your family, isn't one to take likely.

Pets will change your life forever.

We have created this book to help guide you through your decision-making process, before adopting a pet. We share the many positive impacts they have had on individuals, as well as educate readers on the reason why many pets end up at pounds in Australia.

This 40 page e-book provides an intensive overview of the pet adoption industry, which will have readers feeling confident in their decision to adopt. You can purchase this downloadable E-Book for a small donation here.


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