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Harlow Harry releases new pet paw-fume scents

Harlow Harry is a luxe pet paw-fume brand, created in Sydney, Australia by pet lovers Rachel and Grant. We adore this brand, not only because of how incredible their premium paw-fume range is, but because they are huge animal welfare supporters, donating a % of sales to Pound Paws charity. Their fragrances were crafted alongside a fifth generation Perfumer from Grasse in France – a town on the French Riviera known as la capitale mondiale des parfums (“the perfume capital of the world”).

They created a selection of parfums that not only ignite the senses with their complexity and richness, but that are safe and non-irritating for your dog.

They have recently launched two new scents, which we are excited to share with you all! PET PARFUM | L'HERMITAGE 37

A sophisticated, warm unisex scent, combining leathery saffron notes, that will leave you questioning if you are spending the night on the couch, or dusting off your black tie attire?

Fragrance profile:

Spicy, leather and warm


A clean, contemporary unisex scent, combining cedar and light musky notes, that will deliver a just washed freshness day after day.

Fragrance profile:

Clean, musky and soft You can check out the Harlow Harry Paw-Fume collection via their online store here. A paw-some gift idea! Pro Tips: • Spritz regularly to keep your pooch smelling bougie, and extend between washes.

• Spray Harlow Harry Pet Parfum approximately 20cm from your dog and either rub lovingly through their fur, or leave as initially applied. • To extend the life of your pet parfum, we recommend storage in a dark room out of direct heat.


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