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Happy Paw-ever After with Bree + Reni

For those who have been following #PoundPaws for quite some time, you may remember this doggies face! In fact, you may be one of the amazing hoo-mans who helped share Reni's photo when he was on death row! Through the power of social media, Reni was brought to Bree's attention and she knew she had to save him!

Read below to find out more about their happy paw-ever after! 1. How does your dog fit into your family?

Like a glove! He was definitely the part of our family we didn’t know we were missing. He is always the centre of attention and is often cuddled and kissed more than what Dillan is! 📷

2. What do you see when you look into his eyes? 

His fur-ever 🥰

3. What does your dog add to your life?

Constant laughter and so much love! 

4. How do you feel when you see him 'smile'?

It honestly melts my heart. I know he has had a tough life before we rescued him and to see him happy and to be truely loved and spoilt is the best! 🥰

5. What does Reni do that makes you laugh?

Everytime he does a little fluffy, he will get embarrassed and leave the room📷  and he will often sit like a mere cat while we scratch his tummy. 

6. What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

We play hide and seek around the house and he will literally come and find us and gets so excited when he does 🥰 He loves going in the car with us and for his daily walks also. 

7. What do you think you mean to your dog?

Now you’ve got me thinking I’d say - Treat supplier, walking partner and chauffeur 🤣

8. In two words, what does your dog mean to you?


9. What does it mean to love a dog like Reni?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cuddled up to him and cried about the thought of him not being alive or that we may have never found him when we did. He has changed our life for the absolute best and I honestly can’t remember our life without him. All he wants is to be loved. 

10. How has Reni changed your life?

He has 1000% made our lives so much better! He provides constant entertainment and love in our home - it would be so boring without him! Dillan and I have such a passion for adopting animals now and believe every single animal is deserving of a second chance. We loved animals before but since rescuing Reni it’s changed our perspective so much! We are both vegan now and one day would love to have enough space in our home for a lot more rescue animals.

11. What is your favourite thing about Reni?

When we first got Reni he was very anxious, on edge all the time, never played with any toys and he hated when we kissed his face. He now has grown into himself so much, he loves to play with his toys and is obsessed with balls (he even takes them to bed with him & when he goes outside to do a wee) 📷He knows the words “can I have a kiss” and he will lick your face uncontrably. He has the most beautiful nature and just loves everyone he meets.

12. If you could speak dog, what would you want Reni to know?

That when we leave the house - we will always come home to him. He will never be hurt or neglected ever again and I’d like to know what his favourite dinner is 🤣

15. Share with us his adoption story (how you saved him from death-row!)

We came across SO MANY reposts on Instagram of people pleading for someone to save this beautiful boy from a shelter in Western Sydney that was a kill shelter. He was unfortunately on death row and was scheduled to be put down the following morning. There was just something about this baby boy that my husband and I couldn’t let go. We called the shelter and said we will take him but they couldn’t hold him for us in case we didn’t get there in time. So we got up at 4am the next morning and drove 3 hours so we would be at the shelter first thing the next morning when they opened. After filling out all the paper work, Reni happily jumped into the back seat of our car without any hesitation and has never looked back! 🥰 He is a changed dog since that day and we couldn’t be anymore obsessed with him! 

Photography by: Love Tails Photography


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