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Happy Fur-Ever After Sadie!

We love to hear your happy fur-ever after stories! 💙🐾

Introducing @sadsthegroodle and her paw-some family Ebonie & Brendan!

They first came across Sadie on @PoundPaws, later meeting her at the @rspcansw shelter, that was where they discovered about her devastating past. 😓

Sads was one of many Groodles, who were involved in a puppy farm in NSW.

Ebonie shares "It’s devastating these types of breeding grounds operate, we’re lucky to have been given the chance with Sadie, although we also live everyday seeing the side effects and anxiety she and her 186 friends live with (there’s a Facebook group with most of the others!)."

A huge thank you to Ebonie & Brendan for welcoming her into your home and providing her with on-going love and support.

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