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Easy Indoor Fun Activities for Your Dog on a Rainy Day

Rainy days can be a dull time for you and your dog.

Dogs love the outdoors, and when they are restricted from going outside, they get bored couped up at home.

Especially if you have a high-energy large breed dog, you need to ensure they get

enough physical and mental stimulation, or else they can get destructive. Know

about different dog breed activity levels from this site. Fortunately, there are

many activities that you can get your dog indulged in so that it enjoys indoors as

much as outdoors, and we have mentioned a few of them below.

1. The “Which Hand” Game:

Dogs love to play scent games that involve treats as a reward. It is really simple to

play the game by just holding a treat in one hand while making a fist of both hands

and letting the dog guess the hand where you have hidden the treats. If they smell

and choose the correct hand, open it to give them the treat. If they choose the wrong

hand, then do not discourage the dog, but keep playing the game until your dog wins

a few times. This can be really fun for the dog, and you will also enjoy playing this

with your goofy pet.

2. Treat Hunt:

This is just like a treasure hunt, but the dog will search for treats instead of treasure.

Show your dog that you have some treats and restrict the dog to one area while you

hide treats in the rest of the house. Ensure the areas where you hide treats can be

reached by dogs but are not easily visible to them. They will spend at least half-hour

smelling the entire house for treats. Even when they find all treats, the anticipation of

finding more treats will keep them going.

3. Hide-and-Seek:

Dogs love to look for things, and when it is you who they need to seek, they will be

more interested. Command the dog to sit in one place while you hide someplace

hard for it to find. Call your dog to find you once you have settled. It will be more

exciting when more people join you in this game. When the dog finds it, motivate

them by praising them, and they will love to play it again.

4. Puzzles:

As you cannot let the dog indulge in a lot of physical activity at home, you need to

ensure to mentally engage them, which will tire them as well. Getting a few puzzle

toys is a great way to help your dog pass the time and also have fun. Toys such as a

treat dispenser need to be moved around for the treat to dispense, which can keep

the dog busy for a long time. You can also get a few puzzles they need to solve to

get to the treat. This makes the dog work mentally and improves its mental ability. It

also keeps them engaged and tires them sooner. You can also get a Kong where

you stuff peanut butter and freeze it. The dog will take at least half an hour to lick

and finish the treat, which will be really satisfying for them. Snuffle mats are also a

great way to mentally stimulate and tire the dog.

5. Bring the Right Toy:

Teach the dog the names of each of its toys one by one. The training may take some

time. Once your dog learns the names, just spread all the toys on the floor and ask

them to fetch a toy using its name. If the dog brings the right toy, it gets a reward.

This can be a nice physical and well as a mental game for the dog.

6. Tug of War:

Dogs love to play tug, and it is an exciting indoor activity. This helps you engage with

the dog and is a fun way to bond. Many people believe this game can make the dog

aggressive if you let it win, as it will feel dominant, but that is untrue. In fact, it is

another way around. Allowing them to win actually will only make them want to play

more because they are having fun. Do not let the dog win easily, but let them win a

few times. This will improve their confidence. 

7. Obstacle Course:

Setting up an indoor obstacle course is fun for your breeding dogs. You need to get

creative, though. You can use a few boxes, a chair or stool, tissue paper rolls, a hula

hoop for jumping, a chair for running underneath, and a ball to catch. Your dog may

topple a few things while crossing it; hence ensure nothing injures the dog.

8. Playing with Toys:

Get your dog a few new toys to keep it engaged indoors. Squeaky toys might be

their favorite, as dogs find the squeaking sound really fascinating. You can also get

plush toys if your dog is not a chewer. Remember to supervise the dog to ensure

they do not chew the dog or swallow a piece of toy.

9. Create an Indoor Fetch Game Area:

Dogs love to fetch balls and sticks, but this outdoor game is usually not played

indoors. You can make an exception during rainy days by using a long corridor to

create a play area. You can carpet the floor, so the dog does not slip while running.

Use a ball that is not very bouncy or may damage your items. Instead, use light

rubber balls that you will find easier to control.

10. Set Up an Outdoor Viewing Area:

Dogs love to watch outside, and they can do this for hours. Set up a bench next to

the window and place a comfortable cushion on it to make it cozy for the dog. Your

dog will instantly start enjoying the viewing spot.

They love to smell the scents of the outdoors through the window and watch the rain.

Seasonal change does not matter as long as you have enough ideas up your sleeve

to keep your dog engaged.


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