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Double Bay's local clinic - VET HQ

Dr Geoff Govolsky is an experienced vet based in Double Bay, who has been a long term su-ppawter of Pound Paws Dog Day in Double Bay since our first event! We are su-paw appreciative of his su-ppawt throughout our journey to raise awareness about pet adoption to the local community in the Eastern Suburbs

His practice is located on New South Head Road in Double Bay and he also operates from another VET HQ practice in Darlinghurst. The Vet HQ clinic is unique to others, as not only do they promise "no one will work harder to look after your pet", but they also constantly strive to decrease their carbon paw print. This includes having solar panels installed on their roof at Double Bay; implementing recycling systems within the practice; and always being aware of what they can do better.

The VET HQ clinic includes a wonderful team of positive and friendly staff who care passionately about your furry family member, always going above and beyond to ensure they are well looked after and always feeling comfortable in the clinic. We know many dogs who are patients at VET HQ and have a lovely long-term relationship with the staff.

If you are looking for a reliable, loving vet clinic, look no further than VET HQ. They provide affordable, skilled veteranians who can provide everything from; de-sexing, grooming, house-calls, dentistry and behaviour training. Find out more about VET HQ here.


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