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Dingo Den celebrates their 7th Birthday!

IT'S PAW-TY TIME FOR Dingo Den Animal Rescue

It's their 7th Birthday Bonanza and they are howling with excitement to share it with all of you!

Join them for an epic online birthday bonanza as they celebrate 7 years of saving the wild-hearted.

Be part of the action by registering to their event and keep up to date with all the fun activities leading up to September 21! Event details:

Party paws for a good cause!

Are you looking to adopt a rescue Dingo? Head on over to their website here: There are plenty of happy, friendly and loving rescue Dingoes looking for a fur-ever home.

About Dingo Den Animal Rescue: Dingo Den Animal Rescue is a registered Australian charity run by a national network of volunteers.

Dedicated to saving the wild-hearted, we exist to save the lives of dingoes, empower wildlife carers, and prevent the extinction of Australia's vulnerable fauna and flora.


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