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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner! We highlighted some of our favourite pet brands, to make your festive gifts even more paw-fect this year! 

• Petflair - How much do you ruv your pet? Enough to print them on your next swimsuit? With majority of Australian beaches not being dog-friendly, we believe this is a great way to still bring your dog on the beach ;). Petflair has returned after their viral success two years ago, having re-launched in an Australian factory! If you are looking for a gift that will make your loved one laugh, look no further! 

 Fresh Patch Australia Subscription - There is one thing that is a sure thing, your dog will pee several times a day. Why not make your fur-parents lives easier by hooking them up with a Fresh Patch Australia monthly subscription? They deliver fresh grass patches to the apartment, ensuring no more carpet messes! Everyone loves a convenient present - shop here!

Hello Puppy Australia - Whether you're looking for a delicious icy pole for your pooch to enjoy in the Christmas heat, or puppi-cinno's to whip at in the mornings to share the morning grind bliss with, we love their range of dog edibles! A fun pet brand, reflecting the co-owners vibrant personalities, their products contain only the best organic and natural ingredients and 100% lactose free milk powder in the formulation of their pet ice-cream.

• Doggie Paw-trait - Every fur-family needs a paw-trait to hang up in their living room, we highly recommend Love Tails Photography or House of Dogs Photography For any bookings made via House Of Dogs Photography, if you mention you came from Pound Paws website and book with him, you will get $50 off your session fee and Pound Paws gets $100 from him! Wow!! Use discount code: POUNDPAWS Both photographers have a very unique style to their photography! (Image order: Love Tails Photography (top image), House of Dogs Photography (bottom image).

Harlow Harry - Offering a range of pet parfum and conditioning pet shampoo that appeals to the human senses, developed exclusively and safely for your pet. I can assure you, you will have this paw-fume mixed up for your own, with the packaging to the standard of Giorgio Armani & the scent, sophisticated enough for hoo-mans to wear! The paw-fect gift for those that like a bit of luxe in their life. Visit to learn about the full range.

• UWDogs - Do your dog a flavour & check out UW Dog!

If you want your dog to smell like a tropical island dream with the freshness of pineapple and coconut (just like a Pina Colada), look no further!

PRODUCT NOTE* Hooman's love this stuff too... so keep your paws on it or else tell em' to go get their own. Num, num, num!

Trendy Furbabies - We love how these products are all handmade to keep your pup fashionable & entertained! Ranging from bow-ties, bandana's to bow-ties, they understand the pressure for your pooch to look good for doggie social events ;) Check out their full range via their FB page here.

Hound Health - Help your best furiend live the happiest, healthiest life it can by moving better for longer with the helping hand of Hound Health. Soft tissue massage & hydrotherapy sessions on our underwater treadmill help over-worked and tight muscles, allowing your dog to run, jump and move the way they were meant to!  A scientific background with a friendly approach. It's about understanding your dog's current health and working with you to determine the best way forward. We offer specialised therapies to help your dog with post surgery rehabilitation options including massage, hydrotherapy and strength + conditioning exercises.  Keep them lean and happy for longer & maintain a level of health and fitness to prevent injury for now and the long term.  They also offer boutique day care and boarding services in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.  Speak with Annika to learn more today +61 413 451 991 Or visit Find them on Facebook & Instagram @houndhealth

Pet Gemz - Australia's first pet gemstone therapy. Gemstone charms are the paw-fect gift for your beloved pet; promoting healing, love and well-being. Head on over to their website and pick a stone! Each gemstone has powerful energy and therapeutic properties to suit your pet's needs. Simply attach the gemstone charms (which can be mixed & matched) to their collar, lead or harness and let the energy healing process begin! Namasté.

Beryl & Bob - If you're looking for something a little different to give as a gift this year, Beryl & Bob create custom made, digitally illustrated Pet Pawtraits of creatures great and small! Perfect as gifts or as an addition to your home, there are a range of sizes to choose from. Beryl & Bob's artist Steph also has released a cute gift card just in time for Christmas so you can sit back, relax and let whoever you're buying for choose their own photo for Steph to illustrate - paw-some! 

Healthy Hound Food - Created by a team of animal nutritionists who have developed the perfect food for your friend, this is a paw-some choice for monthly food delivery! The food is good enough for hoo-mans to eat and all ingredients are home grown Australian Products and preservative free including no artificial flavours. Also, have you checked out how cute their 'Head Chef' dog is!? He he.

Design My Digs - This paw-some pet brand was created to provide a cosy, funky but functional space for your dog within your home. They have gathered materials from around the world, to create unique pieces, which look like something out of an interior design magazine. I love how boho their dog beds are! Better yet, they create a bunch more products ranging from; blankets, bandana's bags and toys!

Woof Gateaux - Don't leave your pooch out this Christmas when the pudding comes out! Prepare with their own special cake to devour in. These cakes are next level, not only visually but with the best ingredients in them too! Their cakes can be custom created for any celebration and are 100% doggy-safe. That’s right – these cakes won’t be ruff on your pup’s tummy.

The Happy Jack Co - Obsessed is an understatement! I love that someone has created an aromatherapy oil range for our pooches! We have involved their oil range in our DOGA sessions at Pound Paws Dog Day events. We encouraged the Yogi's to rub some oil on their hand and gently place above their pooches nose. Each oil bottle has a different healing purpose, whether its for relaxation or to get rid of itching!

Trueeco - How good, a range of cleaning products which are toxic-free, furthermore creating a safe environment, in and around homes for people and their pets. I would highly recommend the Urine Eliminator Spray, this legendary spray helped potty train a pup I was looking after! All it takes is a spray of this product on the area where your pooch peed and that will teach them to not wee there again! Really helpful!

• Dog Friendly Co Harness - The Dog Friendly Co harness and leash was developed for the Founders Australian Bulldog Carlos. She wanted a harness and leash for him that was light weight, minimised chafe as well as supportive. We think you will love!

Barkery Lane - OMG, these treats are seriously cute! Take a scroll through their Instagram to see all the different types of edibles your dog can indulge in! Barkery Lane treats are a fun, natural and healthy way to spoil your best friend. Gone are the days where dog food was simply food. Let your pooches inner hipster shine; may their swag be as on point as these treats!

DOOG - Looking for a gift for a friend who lives an active lifestyle with their pooch? This is for you! DOOG has designed all their gear, to get owners out and about, enjoying a healthy lifestyle with their dog. You can find everything you need for your daily dog adventures from dog walking and running belts and collars and leads to treat pouches for training and agility. We personally love their pop-up doggie swimming pools! They are a hit in the Christmas heat!

DOGUE - Still can't find the paw-fect present? Well, we can assure you that one visit to your local DOGUE store, will have you face to face with a paw-some variety of different goodies for your furry friend! Products ranging from dog food, toys to even outfits and grooming vouchers! Or, if you don't want to get off your butt, head on over to their online store here.


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