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Chilli aka Peaches Happy Fur-ever after!

You may remember this adorable face, we shared Peaches on Pound Paws almost 55 weeks ago today.

A gorgeous deaf girl available for adoption via Sydney Animal Second Chance Rescue group.

She was seeking a committed paw-rent who could be patient with her. She found just that!

Debra took her into her loving home and gave her a new chance on life (and new name too - she is now called Chilli) .

She recently contacted us sharing "I think about it (adopting) all the time, how lucky we are to have this amazing dog in our lives. Some of my family were a bit hesitant about adopting a deaf dog, but it really has been no issue."

We're grateful for her sharing not only her story about adopting, but raising awareness for the deaf dogs. Thank you for choosing to adopt!


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