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#AustraliaIsBurning - Insta Campaign for WIRES

Pets around the world are coming together to raise awareness for those affected by bushfires!

Australia is currently facing catastrophic fires, the worst drought in history and record high temperatures, which is taking its toll on our native wildlife.

Pound Paws has rallied up online pet Instagram users, to upload a picture holding a sign with the message ‘Australia is Burning’, whilst also encouraging them to make a donation to WIRES & update their Instagram bio to a donation link to WIRES.

WIRES mission is to rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same. Their work is critical now, as well as in the future to help the remaining wildlife population. With over 498 million of our wildlife deceased or injured from the bushfires, there is a great sense of urgency to act!

Pet Instagram users from all over the world have joined in, sharing a message with their network to make a donation. Pound Paws is calling out for other pet accounts to join the movement, by uploading a picture, making a donation to WIRES & changing their Insta bio to the WIRES donation link.

The first step to change, is making people aware of the issue, which then results to support.


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