Age: 8 Months
Gender: Male
Adoption Fee: 200
Size: Small
Microchip: 953010004179750
Location: Craigieburn. 23 Grasslands Ave

Meet Magpie
This young lad doesn't meow, he sings! He has a super musical voice and loves to trill at you.

He will snuggle with you at night, on or even *in* your bed! He isn't too sure about being picked up just yet and prefer to just sit on your lap or twirl between your legs.

Magpie loves other felines and would LOVE to share his home with another confident and playful furry friend.

He's adventurous and can entertain himself, but he much prefers spending time with you, chasing string or sitting at your feet while you work.

His fur is super soft and silky, perfect for pats.
He's a really sweet lad with a lot of love to give to a special someone.

This baby is located in a foster care home in VIC.

Always best to email us an enquiry (via this pets profile- see the below link). Please include a description of the home you will be able to provide like where the pet will be kept most of the day, what other animals are at the home, ages of children that live or frequently visit the home and any details of previous experience that you have had with this species or breed. The more details the faster we can speed up the process for a meet and greet with you. Be sure to ask any questions you may also have.

We aim to respond to all applications within 5 working days. Please only call the shelter if this time has lapsed since we would have received your email.

Keep an eye on your Junk Mail folders as in some cases we will forward your email to the foster carer to respond to you.
...because they all deserve one!

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