Medium Cross Breed

Age: 1 Years
Gender: Male
Adoption Fee: Unknown
Size: Medium
Microchip: 991003000632881
Location: Darwin

Dimmy is looking for a special family or someone who will give him all the love and attention he needs! Will seem shy at first, but once he gets to know you, Dimmy will be very loyal and playful. Does make friends with some dogs, mainly placid males or female dogs as he can be quite vocal from excitement and stress himself out. Dimmy is very eager to please but sometimes forgets his manners and doggy etiquette, its only because Dimmy doesn't know any better and will benefit from a bit of doggy training / classes.

The way to help Dimmy is through positive reinforcement and teaching calm behavior at home. Your dog should know what behaviors earn him a reward. Training a dog to settle and focus should begin in an environment where your dog is calm and there are minimal or no distractions. Starting simply in your yard or when going out for exercise start somewhere quiet where he can practice to relax, this can be achieved by a variety of different methods but the simplest could be just sitting under a tree in a quiet area and waiting for a calm or relaxed response and rewarding with a yummy treat..

Dimmy wants to say: I have lots to learn and I am very eager to get started! So play with me lots and take me to training it will be worth the extra effort. With a little guidance we can play games we both enjoy and I will make you proud of me.

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