Duck - Mallard

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Adoption Fee: 20
Size: Medium
Microchip: Unknown
Location: Wacol Animal Care Campus. 139 Wacol Station Road,

Hey there, Sherman here. I'm your friendly neighborhood Mallard duck and what a delightful addition I'll make to your backyard or farm. We ducks have very simple housing needs. Nothing fancy required, just a simple three-sided shelter with a mesh base, front and door is suitable for me. Oh, and did I mention that I love water: a container to drink from, climb into and splash in please! And if you're looking for someone to aerate the grass, then I'm your man as I love to dig for earthworms and other treats. So, if you think I might be the perfect fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application today!

Adoption Price: $20

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