Parrot - Indian Ringneck

Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Adoption Fee: 50
Size: Medium
Microchip: 991003000573708
Location: Wacol Animal Care Campus. 139 Wacol Station Road,

Are you looking for an Indian Ringneck companion to join your other Indian Ringnecks in the aviary? We have some that may be perfect for you. We have greys, greens and some blues. We have some pairs and some groups, pretty much every combination you can think of!

They are aviary birds who are a bit scared and flighty and would best be suited to being with other Indian Ringnecks. Or at least to be homed with a very experienced bird handler who has a lot of patience to train then and give them the confidence to reach their potential. Although timid, they are not bothered by dogs and other animals who wander close to them - as long as they are also quiet and calm.

These birds deserve to have the best lives possible - living on fresh fruit and veggies and bird pellets with a few dandelions for extra colour. It is fundamental that birds in both indoor cages and outdoor aviaries are provided with forms of environmental enrichment for physical and mental stimulation. There are so many bird toys and bird gyms available that encourage birds to play and be active, providing them with entertainment and relieving them of boredom. DIY toys are great and native foraging/fresh browse such grevillea, bottlebrush is vital to birds enrichment.

Adoption fee: $50 each or $80 for 2

If you think I might be the perfect fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application today!

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