Age: 4 Years
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: 85
Size: Large
Microchip: 943094320355379
Location: Toowoomba Op Shop. 1/900 Ruthven Street, Kearney’s Spring Qld 4350

Who's after a beautiful soul who is waiting patiently for her new home? My name is Sally and I am a lovely lady. I am going to tell you a bit about myself, are you all listening? I definitely need to be in a quieter home with no children as that is what I have previously been used too. I will need to be the only Cat and no dogs. Could you please have patience with me, let me come to you for cuddles and I am sure with time you will find how loveable I am.
As I am a Manx there are some different stories about me, like did you know that it was once said that the Manx was running late for Noah's Ark, and Noah slammed the door and severed its tail. Others theorized that Manxes were "cabbits"-the hybrid offspring of a cat and a rabbit-due to their long back legs, short tail, and rounded rump.
If you check the DNA of a Manx, the result will definitely come up feline. She meows, chases mice and birds, and fancies laser pointers (who wouldn't? We mean the laser pointer, not the mice). But her behavior is sometimes seen as a bit ... strange. She is, without argument, friendly and lovable, sure. But she's also known to have dog-like tendencies: extremely social, she loves to follow you around.
Fascinating, don't you think? A comfy bed inside with toys would make me very happy. A scratching post where I can stretch out on would be an added bonus and keep me out of mischief. My dream is just to be with a calm home where I can find a nice high spot where I can observe my new kingdom(like a princess really). Please come and visit myself and the friendly staff today.

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