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Bull Arab

Age: 1 Years
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: 350
Size: Large
Location: Wacol Animal Care Campus. 139 Wacol Station Road,

Evie is a sweet, timid girl looking for a special owner - someone who has owned dogs before and has the time and patience to slowly work with her to build a bond and her confidence. She can be quite cautious and worried around new people, places and things and will look to you for reassurance, so she needs to spend time with her family indoors and out. You'll know instantly if Evie has bonded to you, as she'll greet you with a smile and a wagging tail ready for cuddles, so once she gets to know you, she bonds quite well. Evie likes gentle affection, choosing to be near you for comfort and support. Evie likes to be close to the people she likes, and will place herself as close as possible to you. While on walks, she would rather be by your side than run ahead. She can be a little worried with loud noises like fireworks and doorbells, so her owner will be need to be mindful of this during such events and storms. Evie would like a safe place where she can retreat to if need be, especially if she's home alone. Evie would like to be your only dog, and would prefer not to go for trips to dog parks or off lead areas.

**If you would like to meet Evie please come in before 3.30pm.**

Adoption Price: $350