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Custom Pet Profile Match

 Adopt a pet Sydney dogs for adoption rescue dog rescue puppies adopt a dog

Our most popular service, providing a personalised service to potential pet owners.
Let us help you find a rescue pet!
All you have to do is tell us a bit about yourself, lifestyle & dream pet... we'll do the research for you, to find your paw-fect pet match!

Click below to make a donation + apply.
We'll send you a personalised PDF with the latest listings / soon to be available for adoption pets.

We will also include a free gift for you,

Pound Paws latest e-book on 'Why You Should Consider Pet Adoption'.

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We got Reni through Pound Paws about 4 years ago. He was on death row with only a couple of hours to live. We came across him through Pound Paws as their promotion of him went viral. He is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to us! I seriously couldn't recommend adopting enough! It has changed our life.

We adopted Waffilina through Pound Paws a couple of months ago. She is the absolute life of our lies. I found the process of Pound Paws very easy. After we adopted, we were send a Happy Adoption Pack which was very helpful. I highly recommend adopting, I always say #AdoptDontShop and the process through Pound Paws makes it easier.

I'm so excited to say that Pound Paws helped me find my beautiful boy kitten! This all happened after my kitten I got a year ago, passed away unexpectedly 2 days before Xmas, he was such a special cat to me, like an old soul mate. Through Pound Paws I was able to re-connect with a new kitten who reminded me of him.




A paw-fect match for

Ortenzia & Steve were looking to adopt a rescue Chihuahua.
Pound Paws Pet Profile Match included eight different Chihuahua profiles from various rescue groups. They instantly fell in love with Cookie from Sydney Animal Second Chance.


Bears Adoption Story



Jodhi Meares
Australian Model/Business Owner

I found Soda Pop through Pound Paws - she means the world to me, I don't know what I'd do without her love and support - she's the best therapist in the world! Thank you Pound Paws for everything you do.

Robbie Farah.jpg

Robbie Farah
Rugby League Player

Being a dog owner, I know first hand how much value a dog can bring into your life. It’s great to see a charity focused on ensuring we can put value back into these animals lives too.


Christa Billich
Real Housewives of Sydney

Pound Paws does wonderful things for our animals. We will always support this charity & enjoy their Dog Day events.


Darren McMullen
The Voice Australia Host

It's days like Pound Paws Dog Days that make a difference.

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