To use modern technology and social media to help rehome abandoned pets in Australia.


To increase the number of pets being rehomed from animal pounds and rescues, and eliminate the need for animals to be euthanised.


•           Education – To increase the awareness of the Australian public of the importance of adopting instead of shopping.

•           Collaboration – To provide a better link between potential pet owners and animals in pounds and rescues.

•           Compassion – To promote and share a compassion for animals.

•           Innovation – To be at the forefront of new and modern approaches to raise awareness of rescue pets.

•           Belonging – To create a community that cares for animals.


Pound Paws was registered in April 2014, and has been active since then. Towards the end of 2015, Pound Paws became an incorporated association and registered as a charity.

Pound Paws believes that rescues and pounds are often not visible enough to the public eye, and there is a need to increase public awareness about animals available from rescues and pounds. Pound Paws was formed as a desperate attempt to help rehome animals that find themselves on death row each year. It is believed that a devastating 250,000 healthy and treatable dogs and cats are put down each year. This is impacted by oversupply from backyard breeders, and puppy mills.

From its outset, Pound Paws has been pioneering in its use of modern social media tools to display animals available for adoption by providing links for potential pet owners with rescues and pounds across Australia. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have been key drivers for Pound Paws. In addition, its website is an online search engine which allows potential owners to search for pets by breed, age, lifestyle or size. Pound Paws also hosts events for the public to meet rescue animals.

Pound Paws has focused mainly on cats and dogs; however, its services also extend to other animals including rabbits, horses, pigs, and goats. Since it was formed, Pound Paws has posted details of thousands of animals available for adoption from different rescues and pounds, and helped these animals find homes. Pound Paws currently has over 20,000 followers on social media, most of whom would probably not otherwise have been introduced to the animals posted.

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