Cristal and Henry A Love Tale…

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We are delighted to have Cristal from Love Tail Photography support Pound Paws as our official photographer for Gymea Hotel Dog Day. She shared with us a beautiful blog post, feel free to read below:


Cristal and Henry
A Love Tale…

Henry and I were soulmates. We had a very special bond that was obvious to everyone. People would stop us everywhere we went to tell us what a lovely pair we made. Just being in his presence made me burst with love and joy, he delighted me, lit me up like nothing else could. He was my world and I was his.

We were inseparable. A couple of years ago, after a personal heartbreak, we decided to take an adventure. I found a camper van for the two of us, modified it with a little step so he could climb into bed and a gate so he was safe and off we went. We travelled around Australia, visiting all the best dog beaches and parks, we watched sunrises and sunsets in cities on beaches, the countryside, riverbanks, in rainforests and on mountains. We would sneak into hotels and pubs, and when we got busted, we were forgiven, because everyone understood we just had to be together.

He saw me through one of the hardest times of my life, always there to soothe me with a cuddle, making everything beautiful once again, showing me how to live and love.

As time went on and he got a bit older and couldn’t do the big walks anymore I carried him as he’d carried me. He would climb into my arms like a baby and sit on my shoulder like a parrot. I got good muscles in my arms! I bought a baby back pack so we could still go exploring bush trails and visit waterfalls. I wanted him to have the best life a dog could have. People wrote articles about our friendship.

After 14 beautiful, love filled years, my little spoon’s body sadly gave up. With big love comes big heartbreak, and I miss him terribly, but my little buddy was my greatest love and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The Photography Sessions
Love Tails Pet Photography is more than just photos of your pet. I tell your tale with beautiful photographs. I come to your home and favourite places for a photography session that really captures the incredible bond that you and your family share with your pet and I include the whole family, whether that’s the two of you or a whole tribe. We start by getting to know your pet and chatting about how you came to be together, so by the time we start shooting, it’s relaxed and fun. Often, people who hate being photographed will see the shots in the back of the camera get excited. They start requesting me to capture the moments that are unique to their relationship. Whether it’s play time, the cuddle time or the quirky things that make your pet special, I capture it all. By far, my favourite photos are the ones that show your deep love and connection.

I’m honoured to be trusted with what feels like my most important work, in the Legacy Shoot. When our pets are are coming to the end of their time with us, I will visit your home where you are most comfortable, to gently take beautiful portraits of you together. I priorities these shoots and ensure that your prints are back as fast as possible. I have priced the shoot at just $50 so you don’t have to think twice and you can purchase your digitals or prints when you’re ready.

People adore giving photo shoots as gifts! What better present to give a pet obsessed loved one, than more of their favourite thing in the world?! It’s a guaranteed hit, so I’ve put together some gift cards for intimate gifts or chip-ins!

The Artworks
Your artworks are just gorgeous! Environment and sustainability is important to me. Your photos are printed to tiles with hand-made, up-cycled timber frames, raw edge rustic tiles with mini-easels, canvases with floating frames, all made in Australia. The first thing people usually say when they see them, is ‘Wow, these are beautiful!’. I’ve worked really hard to make sure they’re also affordable.

Lots of dogs, no tricks
I’ve heard lots of stories of people having photography sessions and then being hit up for $300 per print or $5000 for canvases afterwards in a hard sell and it’s so uncool!
All of my pricing is upfront. My studio is your home, the beach or the park, so my overheads are low. This means I can offer beautiful photography without you having to take out a second mortgage!

I’m so excited to be in Sydney! I’m located in the Northern beaches which is dog central and people are obsessed! To my delight, I’ve also met cats and goats strolling the stunning coastal paths, it’s such an inspiring place to call home. I can’t wait to meet you!

More details:

Instagram @lovetailsphotography
Facebook @lovetailsphotography
0412 619 886

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