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Bondi Beach

Temporarily postponed.
All updates will be posted on our social media + website.

The Sheaf, Double Bay

Temporarily postponed.
All updates will be posted on our social media + website.

Pound Paws has been hosting Dog Day events for the past five years in locations all over Australia. The aim of these dog adoption events, is to raise awareness about pet adoption, as well as educate different communities about responsible pet ownership.

Our Dog Day events have fast become famous around Australia featuring in the, with large media coverage, celebrity guests & of course, lots of #ADOPTDONTSHOP awareness!

We like to have a lot of fun with our events, with a variety of fun activities taking place (Did you know we hosted the first ever Sausage Dog Ninja Warrior Course in Australia!? - you can watch it here).

The events that Pound Paws organises are 100% charity fundraising events, as a way to not only raise awareness about pet adoption to local communities, but celebrate the wonderful companionship which we share with our pet.

We have been hosting these events all over Australia for the past four years and absolute adore the community which has formed, as well as the opportunity to raise awareness about pet adoption & fundraising.

Any event that is not promoted by Pound Paws, and does not clearly state it’s affiliation with Pound Paws, is not aligned with us. 

We are not profiting off these events, we are solely fundraising and supporting our furry friends that need new homes and love 😊. 

So if you are looking for a fun dog day, whilst supporting a great cause, keep an eye out for 'Pound Paws Dog Day', we host many fun events each year!

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