Robbie Farah
Rugby League Player

Being a dog owner, I know first hand how much value a dog can bring into your life. It’s great to see a charity focused on ensuring we can put value back into these animals lives too.

Davey Lloyd
Bachelor in Paradise

 It’s really great to see Pound Paws so focused on raising awareness about pet adoption, the world is a much better place with dogs in it! 

Walt Collins
Channel 10 Host

Pound Paws Dog Days are really fantastic days as they are all about raising awareness about adopting animals, as oppose to buying from pet shops; those days are long gone!

So, with charities like Pound Paws, its a great chance for people to come and meet rescue dogs that they can potentially adopt.

Vanessa Sunshine
The Bachelor

I really enjoyed their Dog Day event and how much effort they put in to not only re-home these pets, but educate everyone on why you should adopt.

Geoff Golovsky

We're very proud to be involved with Pound Paws. We've had a very strong relationship over the past few years and supporting what Pound Paws does.

Christa Billich
Real Housewives of Sydney

Pound Paws does wonderful things for our animals. We will always support this charity & enjoy their Dog Day events.

Darren McMullen
The Voice Australia Host

It's days like Pound Paws Dog Days that make a difference.

Nick Gulliver
Host of The Late Night Shift

It is great to see that Pound Paws is changing the negative stigma towards pets in pounds in Australia.

People are seeing how happy & healthy these animals are & are more open to the idea of choosing to adopt when it comes to getting a pet.

Milie Fuller
Love Island Contestant

Pound Paws Dog Day is such a good day. It’s raising awareness about dog rescue and adoption, it’s the best way to go! #ADOPTDONTSHOP

Shaun Kenny-Dowall
Rugby League Player

It’s a really great initiative, people should really get into adopting a dog. My dog is adopted and I choose to not support back yard breeders.

Corey Thompson
Rugby League Player

I really enjoyed their Dog Day events, they are a fun community event which educate, connect pet owners and most importantly re-home homeless pets.


Musical Artist

Pound Paws is doing an incredibly important job, raising awareness about pet adoption. It’s great to see Pound Paws educating the public in a fun/relaxed way. I had a lot of fun judging at their Dog Day event in Park House, Mona Vale.

Gabriella Power

Sky News Presenter

What I love about Pound Paws is that it connects potential owners with dogs that need a home 

Jodhi Meares
Australian Model/Business Owner

I found Soda Pop through Pound Paws - she means the world to me, I don't know what I'd do without her love and support - she's the best therapist in the world! Thank you Pound Paws for everything you do.

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