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Our Mission

To use modern technology and social media to help rehome abandoned pets in Australia and to increase the number of pets being rehomed from animal pounds and rescues, and eliminate the need for animals to be euthanised.

What We Do

Rescue Directory

Dog Day Events

Lifestyle Match

PR / Marketing

Volunteer Photography/Videography

Online Support

Happy Adoption Packs

Flights for Pets (Fly4Paws)

The Board

Brittany Bloomer is the Founder of Pound Paws. The other non-executive members of the board include specialist advisors, and together form a mature and experienced team, who all provide their services at no charge to Pound Paws.

Brittany Bloomer, President and CEO

Brittany has been actively involved in Animal Welfare since the young age of 14. From volunteering her time at rescue shelters to hosting fundraisers at school, she has always been passionate about making a difference in the local community. Brittany combines her love for animals, with skills in social media, marketing, events, IT and public relations.

Cara Inia, Vice President

Cara is a professional operations manager in the not-for-profit sector. Cara’s knowledge of not-for-profits, community engagement and events are particularly relevant to Pound Paws.

Mark Bloomer, Secretary

Mark is a retired chartered accountant. He has extensive accounting, finance, and legal background. He helps oversee the financial affairs of Pound Paws and ensures it is compliant with all it legal and regulatory obligations.

Jocelino Jorge, Director

Jocelino is a fundraising and marketing professional in the not-for-profit sector. He has held senior positions for in both domestic and international not for profits. He is currently the Head of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at The Red Cross.

Shane Moran, Director

Shane runs his own businesses in the hospitality industry which operate venues around Australia and overseas.

Pete Haselhurst, Director

Pete is a passionate and driven entrepreneur, whose big ideas have led him to achieve his impressive business portfolio. With over ten years experience working in various hospitality and large event roles. Pete today owns and operates a portfolio within a number of sectors including: Health and Fitness, Events, Education and Hospitality.


Pound Paws is a registered charity providing a modern online approach to the overall re-homing process for pets in Australian pounds & rescue centres.


It is our mission to encourage the public to adopt instead of shop, and discourage backyard breeders that contribute to the oversupply of dogs and cats in Australia.




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